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Nurse Earth is a nurse exclusive recruitment company. We work with hospitals and medical facilities to find them the most accomplished nurses for their available positions. Our team utilizes a specialized vetting process by clinical staff to ensure that facilities find their optimal candidate and nurses feel that their professional interests are valued, honored, and respected in finding their ideal position.

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Staffing agencies don’t always have the best reputation in the nurse community. Unfortunately, some staffing agencies are more concerned about numbers and their bottom line than finding a perfect fit for candidates. At Nurse Earth, we are Nurses hiring Nurses. That is just one of the things that can separate a nurse-centered staffing and recruiting agency from one looking to take advantage of you. How can a nurse staffing agency help to...
Do you conduct exit interviews at your hospital? If the answer is “no,” you are missing out on a wealth of critical information that could help your work environment and bottom line to improve. Talking to employees who have found new positions, who are resigning from their job or who are simply leaving due to the end of a contract is a good way to understand what working at your hospital is really like. Why should your hospital...
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of travel nursing or preparing to start your first job, the process can be intimidating. While it’s exciting to explore new places, learn new skills, meet new people and get to do what you love in a new place, it’s not unusual to feel a few butterflies in your stomach. At Nurse Earth, we work with thousands of travel nurses every year and help them transition to their new workplace. How can...
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