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5 Tips for Starting a New Travel Nurse Assignment

5 Tips for Starting a New Travel Nurse Assignment

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of travel nursing or preparing to start your first job, the process can be intimidating. While it’s exciting to explore new places, learn new skills, meet new people and get to do what you love in a new place, it’s not unusual to feel a few butterflies in your stomach. At Nurse Earth, we work with thousands of travel nurses every year and help them transition to their new workplace. How can you prepare for your new travel nurse assignment?

Tips for Starting a New Travel Nursing Assignment

  1. Talk to your nurse staffing and recruiting agency to get the details you need for a quick start at your new hospital or nursing home. Your staffing agency will be able to provide you with information on the facility, details of housing arrangements and travel, your start date and assistance procuring a state nursing license if necessary. 
  2. Do research on your new travel nurse assignment. A little bit of time spent on Google can help you to be prepared for almost anything you’ll encounter. The internet is an awesome tool for learning about your new city as well! From what restaurants you can’t miss to what the climate is like, time spent on research will give you a confidence boost for your move. 
  3. Make a packing list of everything that you will be bringing with you. The length of your list might vary depending on the length of the assignment. For example, if you will be staying for more than one season, you should come prepared with clothing for warmer and cooler months. If you are using housing that is already arranged for you, we can give you information on what will be provided in your new living space so that you come prepared. 
  4. When you arrive at your new travel nurse assignment, do a test run before your start date. Head over to the clinic, nursing home or hospital you will be working at to get a feel for your commute. How long will it take you to get there with traffic and without traffic? How much parking is there? What building will you be working in? Depending on how busy the facility is when you visit, you could also pop in and introduce yourself to some staff. 
  5. Pack your first-day essentials before your start date. You should have all of your supplies, important paperwork, a snack, a pen and a water bottle ready to go. Come prepared with copies of your certifications, contract, nursing license, resume and any other paperwork that you were asked to bring. You should also have any required uniform or scrubs ready to go. 

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