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Are You Open to Travel Nursing? You Should Be!

Are You Open to Travel Nursing? You Should Be!

What if you could experience a fulfilling career as a nurse and also explore all that this country has to offer?  Nursing doesn’t need to mean giving up the dreams you have to work out of a single hospital or nursing home for the rest of your career. Instead, it can mean travel nursing. Travel nursing is an excellent way to see new places, participate in a broad range of practice environments and meet new colleagues. With major perks, awesome benefits and competitive pay, there is plenty of love about travel nursing.

Travel Nursing 101

There are travel nursing opportunities in all fifty states, and assignments could range anywhere from a dozen weeks to months at a time, depending on the healthcare facility. You can choose to take an assignment that gives you awesome financial incentives, that puts you right next to your little sister who is away at college or that satisfies any other need you have. Some of the most common settings for travel nursing opportunities include:

  • Emergency rooms
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Research hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Community hospitals
  • Nursing homes

Why Do Nurses Love Travel Nursing?

  • Salary: Travel nurses typically earn higher salaries, with greater benefits, than their traditional nurse counterparts.
  • Adventure: With travel nursing, no year of your career is ever the same as the previous one. For nurses who hate the hum-drum that can occur when working at one location for decades at a time, contracts can give the unique opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people. You might just end up crossing off items from your bucket list while getting paid to do so!
  • Avoid Burnout: Burnout is a serious problem for nurses. In a recent study, almost 16% of nurses reported feeling symptoms of burnout, and over 40% of nurses reported feeling unengaged on the job. By switching up what you’re doing and immersing yourself in new places and environments, you can avoid feeling so worn out. Travel nurses also typically don’t have the same heavy workloads that staff nurses do, and you won’t be expected to join committees or complete other certifications as a condition of employment. Instead, you can focus on caring for patients.
  • Broaden Your Skillset: Travel nurses have the opportunity to build their knowledge and grow their skillset every time they take a trip. The situations and medical facilities that you work in won’t just build your LinkedIn network, they will also broaden your skillset.

Explore Travel Nursing with Nurse Earth

Nurse Earth is a nurse-centric recruiting and staffing agency dedicated to connecting nurses with positions that meet their needs and highlight their expertise. Nurses are never just a number. We go above and beyond to show nurses like you that we truly value their professional interests and career success. To submit your resume or learn more about our services and how we can help you find the travel nursing job you are looking for, visit us online, give us a call at 1-800-450-1081 or contact us here.