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How Can Your Hospital Retain Top Nurses?

How Can Your Hospital Retain Top Nurses?

Nurse turnover has been an issue for decades, but the nursing shortage is making the task of retaining top nurses even more essential. Currently, the average RN turnover rate sits at just over 17% annually. The average hospital loses approximately $300,000 a year for every percentage point increase in nurse turnover. The best organizations are using diverse recruitment and retention strategies, including partnering with organizations like Nurse Earth, to retain top Nurses.

Know the Reasons Why Nurses Leave

comprehensive study of RNs found that nurses have unique reasons for leaving their job for a new position when compared to other healthcare workers. The most common reasons for leaving include:

  • 16%: Staffing and Workload
  • 12%: Other Career Opportunities
  • 11%: Immediate Supervisory Staff
  • 11%: Lack of Teamwork/Poor Work Environment
  • 10%: Compensation and Benefits
  • 10% Hours and Schedule
  • 10% Management

Use a Strategic Approach to Handling Stress

Workplace stress levels are high for most nurses, and three out of four nurses surveyed in an American Nurses Association survey indicated the compounding effects of overwork and stress as their top health concerns. Take a proactive approach to manage unavoidable stress and use an employee wellness program that focuses on positive outlets like exercise and meditation. Make sure that nurses understand how to access your wellness program and take advantage of the benefits.

Communicate Clearly

Poor communication can destroy any workplace, and hospitals and nursing homes aren’t exempt. All managers and supervisors in your organization should be highly visible and communicate with nurses and other staff on all significant work issues. Better communication doesn’t just reduce stress on the job; it also forms bonds between team members that help to retain top nurses. Conduct regular surveys to see how you are doing and incentivize team members to share feedback on their team, management and other parts of your organization.

Give Meaningful Recognition

Saving a patient, getting a heartfelt thank you from a family member and knowing that they made a difference in a patient’s life are just some of the rewards that nurses receive on the job. Is your organization doing enough outside of those to retain top nurses? Meaningful recognition matters. Your healthcare organization should be regularly recognizing and rewarding excellent performance on the job.

Insufficient Trust and Support

The team surrounding your employees matters, and a poor work environment that lacks good rapport does not retain top nurses. As a healthcare organization, you should focus on building a community and not merely a group of individuals. After all, when you have strong teams working together towards a common cause and improving the health and well-being of your patients, your whole organization can thrive. Host events outside of work, like volunteering initiatives, to get team members to work together out of your healthcare facility.

Retain Top Nurses with Nurse Earth

Nurse Earth specializes in meeting the diverse needs of healthcare providers, including nursing homes, hospitals and private practices. As a specialized medical staffing partner, we have refined a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer clinical review process that uses skilled clinicians to meet every client’s need for the right candidate and our nurses’ needs for a position that values their experience and skillsets. To learn more about our services and how we can meet your staffing needs, visit us online, give us a call at 1-800-450-1081 or contact us here.