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The Importance of Diversity in Your Healthcare Candidate Pools

The Importance of Diversity in Your Healthcare Candidate Pools

In an industry that requires human capital to thrive, the ability to identify, develop and retain top talent is critical. By prioritizing diversity in your healthcare candidate pools, your healthcare organization can experience increased employee engagement, highly-skilled and diverse teams and higher retention rates. Meeting the demands of a unique client base requires a skilled, diverse workforce. Why should you prioritize diversity in your healthcare candidate pools?

The State of Diversity in Healthcare Today

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017, hospital workers were:

  • 76% Female
  • 74% White
  • 15% African American
  • 9% Asian
  • 11% Hispanic or Latino

In terms of nurses and home health aides, workers were:

  • 87% Female
  • 65% White
  • 25% African American
  • 5% Asian
  • 18% Latino

As seen in those statistics, there is plenty of work to be done to make the healthcare industry a more diverse, equal place.

Why Does Diversity in Your Healthcare Candidate Pools Matter?

Numerous research studies have demonstrated that minorities are more likely to receive lower-quality and less healthcare and suffer higher mortality rates from heart disease, cancer, mental health-related illnesses, HIV/AIDS and diabetes than Caucasian patients. As part of meeting the needs of underserved minority populations, a diverse nurse and physician base is essential. The Health Resources and Services Administration found that minorities are, in many cases, able to improve access to minority care in underserved areas than non-minority providers.

Creating Diversity Standards

One of the best ways to increase diversity in your healthcare candidate pools is creating diversity standards. Where does your hospital rank compared to the rest of the country? What about in relation to your area? How do the demographics of your workplace compare to the demographics of nursing programs in your area? If any of the two data sets radically differ, you can develop a plan to increase hires in your disparate areas, or work with a recruiter who knows how to appeal to different demographics.  

Get Help for Healthcare Recruiting Challenges

The nursing shortage has directly impacted how simple it is for hospitals and nursing homes to access top talent. Due to intense competition and scarcity, many healthcare providers elect to partner with skilled recruiting organizations like Nurse Earth. Thanks to our proprietary peer-to-peer clinical review system and access to over 1.4 million nurse resumes, we can fill the needs of organizations with ease. The depth and breadth of our candidate base enable us to meet your requirements for diversity in your healthcare candidate pools.

Ensure Diversity in Your Healthcare Candidate Pools with Nurse Earth

Nurse Earth is dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare providers, including nursing homes, hospitals and private practices. We work with clients looking to increase diversity in their healthcare candidate pools and those looking to exceed their diversity guidelines. As a specialized medical staffing partner, we have refined our unique peer-to-peer clinical review process to meet every client’s need for the right candidate and our nurses’ needs for a position that values their experience and skillsets. To learn more about our services and how we can meet your staffing needs, visit us online, give us a call at 1-800-450-1081 or contact us here.