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What Will Healthcare Look Like in 5 Years? A Look at the Nursing Shortage

What Will Healthcare Look Like in 5 Years? A Look at the Nursing Shortage

Hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare organizations have been coping with the nursing shortage for years, and there is currently no end in sight. Due to the increased need for healthcare, an increase in Americans experiencing chronic health conditions and increased lifespans, the nursing shortage is expected to increase over time. What will healthcare look like five years in the future?

The Shortage Will Not Affect All Areas in the Same Fashion

While it’s anticipated that most healthcare organizations and geographic regions will experience some effects of the nursing shortage, it will not affect every place in the same fashion. Some states are projected to have more severe shortages than others. Other states might not even notice the shortage! The latest data from the Department of Health and Human Services anticipates that the biggest shortages will be taking place in New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas and California. However, states like Florida have a projected surplus of over 50,000 nurses by 2030.

All Areas of Nursing Will Be Affected

When most people think about nurses, they think about the professionals staffing the emergency room or ICU in the hospital. However, the nursing shortage isn’t just affecting hospitals. Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, large private practices, urgent care clinics and more will all feel the effects. With an increasing number of assisted living and senior care facilities to meet the growing elderly population and the average lifespan increasing, the need for nurses outside of the hospital will continue to rise.

Retirement Will Exacerbate the Problem

A study published in the Journal of Nursing Regulation in 2017 projected that an increasing number of retiring nurses will dramatically reduce the number of nurses available to fill jobs. One million RNs will retire by 2030, and as a result, patient care settings and organizations that rely on RNs will lose not only those skilled nurses, but also their expertise and training know-how. Over time, this retirement trend will accelerate as baby boomer nurses reach their mid- to late-60s.

Proactive Organizations Will Continue to Thrive

Organizations that take a proactive approach to counter the increasing number of baby boomer nurses retiring and the nursing shortage can continue to grow and succeed. It won’t be easy to replace skilled nurses leaving the workforce, but partnering with a skilled nurse recruitment and staffing company like Nurse Earth can help.

We use a proprietary peer-to-peer clinical review process to qualify our candidates and validate their experience in a variety of specialties. Our clients benefit from high-quality candidates who can fill a variety of roles at your organization, whether you need nurses to staff your hospital or your nursing home. By taking a proactive stance on the nursing shortage, you can improve your organization before the shortage becomes even more dramatic.

Prepare for the Nursing Shortage with Nurse Earth

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