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Why Should Your Hospital Conduct Exit Interviews?

Why Should Your Hospital Conduct Exit Interviews?

Do you conduct exit interviews at your hospital? If the answer is “no,” you are missing out on a wealth of critical information that could help your work environment and bottom line to improve. Talking to employees who have found new positions, who are resigning from their job or who are simply leaving due to the end of a contract is a good way to understand what working at your hospital is really like. Why should your hospital conduct exit interviews?

Technology Makes Things Less Awkward

If you previously balked at the idea of conducting exit interviews due to the sometimes-awkward nature of talking with an ex-employee, you can rest assured that things have come a long way. Today, web-based exit interview management systems can allow you to gain valuable information from a worker without ever needing to be face-to-face. Online exit interviews also allow for ex-employees to be more honest and share their genuine opinions about their work environment. Using technology also eases the potential time burden on your hospital. 

You Can Get Detailed Information

If you choose to conduct exit interviews at your hospital, you can gain access to detailed quantifiable and qualifiable information. A combination of both question types will give you easy to understand and use information. For example, if you ask employees to choose issues that led to their resignation, and they indicate that workload is a problem, qualitative questions can give you more information. Through more open-ended questions, those employees might share more details that bring the problem into clearer focus. Was work overload the primary issue, or did a hostile work environment and a lack of structured training contribute? 

You Can Create an Action Plan

If you conduct interviews and identify trends that are unique to your hospital, you can use that data to create an action plan for improvement. What is leading to a high turnover rate in your hospital? While some issues are inherent to the healthcare industry and a hospital environment, others can be changed or improved with the right plan. You might be surprised to learn that the reason behind a high turnover rate in a particular department might be as easy to fix as insufficient training or a lack of resources. The data from your exit interviews should be tracked and reviewed with Human Resources and never just stuffed in a folder. 

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