Director of Nursing

  • Piedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
  • Gastonia, NC, USA
  • Jul 30, 2020
Full time Director of Nursing

Job Description

STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Directs the activities of the clinical departments, O/R and extended recovery areas in all offices.  Provides direct supervision to the Clinical Supervisors and EMR trainers.  Assists in the delivery of primary heath care and patient management.

 EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, Graduate of an Accredited Registered Nursing Program, current unencumbered licensure to practice in NC, current ACLS certification.  Advanced degree preferred.

 EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of five years of work experience as clinic based RN with supervision of staff, policy development and implementation, and operating room experience.

 JOB RELATIONS:  Supervises the Clinical Supervisors and EMR trainers.  Reports to the Practice Administrator.   Travels to Gastonia, Charlotte, Hickory, Shelby, Denver, Cornelius and Huntersville offices regularly.

 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS:  Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with physicians, patients, employees, and the public. Ability to effectively supervise other staff and assign responsibilities appropriately. Ability and knowledge to perform medical care.  Knowledge of examination, diagnostic, treatment room procedures and recovery room procedures.  Knowledge of medical equipment and instruments to administer patient care. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.  Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment.  Skill in assisting in a variety of treatments and medications as directed. Skill in maintaining records and recording test results.  Skill in developing and maintaining department quality assurance.  Possess good written and verbal communication skills. Always presents a professional image.  Ability to do detailed and accurate work.  Utilize time management skills.  Answer telephone in a professional manner.  Read, understand, and follow oral and written instruction.  Recognize, evaluate, solve problems, and correct errors.  Maintain productivity and work independently.  Proficiency with EMR and successful experience meeting MIPS requirements.



  1. Develops and implements standards of nursing practice and nursing protocols for the department. Periodically reviews and updates departmental nursing protocols and materials to ensure they remain current.
  2. Provides nursing expertise and participates in strategic planning for the department.
  3. Responsible for articulating policies and procedures of the practice to the clinical supervisors and ensuring compliance with such and performing re-education for management and staff as needed.
  4. Confirms and maintains consistency in protocol and policy among all offices. Responsible for annual review of clinical policies and manuals to ensure consistency and accurate reflection of current practices.  Works closely with OR committee chair and DOO to develop and implement new policies and procedures.
  5. Conducts regular meetings with clinical supervisors in each office and other staff as needed. Makes certain each meeting is run according to agenda and minutes are distributed. Attends a clinical staff meeting at each office with location’s Clinical Supervisor on a quarterly basis.
  6. Attends weekly meeting with supervisor, monthly Supervisor/Provider meeting and Shareholder meetings.
  7. Participates on the QA/OR and Performance Improvement committees and others if designated.
  8. Ensures clinical supervisors have adequate scheduling of all clinical staff for each provider. Analyzes the utilization of nursing staff in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of nursing staff allocations and deployments.
  9. Establishes new hire training and maintains on-going training programs for nursing staff.
  10. Establishes and reviews department-wide nursing performance measures and outcomes. Provides direction and consultation to supervisors to improve nursing performance and outcomes; reviews medical aspects of nursing staff performance and may recommend disciplinary actions.
  11. Develops long range plans for nursing needs and utilization.
  12. Assists and monitors the clinical supervisors so that they maintain their department budget in accordance with practice guidelines.
  13. Supervises the chart audits performed each month by the clinical managers. Performs regular independent audit of charts to determine any areas of concern with documentation and then addresses those with the appropriate supervisors and staff.
  14. Confirms the clinical supervisors are performing their essential duties including:
    1. Proper scheduling of staff among providers in all offices.
    2. Collecting and processing medical supply orders weekly or as needed. Maintaining supply room and establish reorder policies for supplies. 
    3. Ensuring principles of LEAN management are in place and followed in all designated areas of the practice and suggest additional efficiency opportunities.
    4. Carrying out clinical personnel disciplinary functions when appropriate.
    5. Maintaining medical equipment in the most beneficial method for longer life.
    6. Responding to clinical staff issues and maintaining professional demeanor and actions.
    7. Coordinate, complete and evaluate training for new clinical staff.
    8. Monitoring pathology records and completion of process closely for accurate and complete patient information on laboratory requisition forms, specimen and blood containers, and EMR log. Confirms EMR logs are reviewed and finalized at least weekly by clinical supervisors.
    9. Ensures patient telephone and mail questions and requests from patients regarding their medical care are handled promptly and appropriately.
  15. Provide weekly feedback to Director of Operations and Practice Administrator regarding clinical operations of practice.


  1. Facilitates annual and new hire staff education and licensing requirements related to all regulatory organizations in all offices.  Confirms required license and certification renewals for clinical staff.
    1. Organizes on-site training for any required courses such as annual ACLS.
    2. Schedules off site training if appropriate and approved.
  2. Ensures compliance in all offices with OSHA standard guidelines.  Distributes all applicable materials to supervisors and staff.
  3. Ensures compliance in all surgery offices with AAAASF regulations and requirements.  Maintains appropriate records as required and facilitates annual inspections in each office with the on site supervisor.
  4. Remains in compliance in all offices with Clinic Laboratory Improvement Act standards.
  5. Responsible for the organizations HIPAA Compliance for clinical staff.  Provides proper HIPAA training to all new clinical staff hires and provides annual education and testing.
  6. Maintains all required clinical staff licensing requirements to confirm all staff are current.


  1. Provides direct patient care and patient surgery recovery if needed for any reason.
  2. Maintains RN licensure, ACLS and clinical skills.

.WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in a fast-paced, well-lit, comfort controlled medical office.  High traffic areas.  Work may be stressful.  Interaction with others may be constant and interruptive.  Occasional irregular hours.  Frequent exposure to communicable disease, toxic substances, medical preparations, and other conditions common to a clinic environment.  Requires travel to all office locations.

 PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, manual and finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination.  Involves substantial standing and walking. Vision should be correctable and hearing discernible to telephone/paging contacts.

 Note:   This description is intended to indicate the task and level of work difficulty that will be required of the position title. It is not intended to limit the supervisor to assign, modify or direct the staff members under his or hers supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration of described duties shall not be held in exclusion